Friday, 9 January 2009

My Latest Two Covers On Amazon

Like all writers, I obsessively check my Amazon and Barnes & Noble rankings, although they have little relation to total sales. Recently I got the pleasant surprise of finding two of my upcoming books now have cover art on Amazon. The image above is for American Civil War Guerrilla Tactics, my first book for the military history publisher Osprey. The cover art will actually be different than what's shown here. Each Osprey cover features a detail from one of the interior color plates, which are done exclusively for each title. Gerry Embleton, who did this image for the Osprey book Confederate Cavalryman, will also do my book, so I guess they decided to put this on until he does the paintings for my book. It has a release date of September 22, but you can make me feel good by preordering it.
The last of what I sometimes call my "Missouri Trilogy" of state history books is due to be released on March 9 by TwoDot, an imprint of Globe Pequot. It's called Outlaw Tales of Missouri and is also available for preorder.

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