Thursday, 8 January 2009

Who Is Writing What In 2009?

A few posts ago I talked about my writing goals for 2009 and invited other writers to share their goals.

Tracey Baptiste has a long list of goals, which she has posted on her wall as a constant reminder. She's recently broken into novel publishing, which as we all know is a very hard thing to do, and she's working on a biography of Madeleine L'Engle, whose Wrinkle in Time series seriously tripped me out when I was a kid. I'm intrigued to find out what L'Engle's life was like, as well as finding out where Baptiste is headed.

Anna Mittower has a variety of goals, but her main one is writing and publishing her novel. She's broken this task up into monthly goals. Mittower has only recently entered the wild world of publishing, but she's already figured out that big jobs are best broken up into manageable chunks. Best of luck with the book!

Rob Crompton is another aspiring novelist, and he's working on two at a time. One is further ahead than the other, and he'll be pitching that to publishers this year. Oh, and his blog has some great photos of South Wales.

If you've blogged about your writing goals and want to share them here, feel free to drop me a line. Check out my earlier post for other types of blog posts I'd like to feature here too.


irishoma said...

Hi Sean,
Interesting posts, as usual.
I've posted my top seven writing goals for 2009 on my Donna's Book Pub blog, along with how I hope to achieve them. I've encouraged others to visit your blog and post their goals. Here's a synopsis of my top 7 for 2009:
1. Write two book reviews or author interviews each month.
2. Submit at least three entries to the Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc (OWFI) contest by Feb 1.
3. Finish the first draft (50,000 words) of my YA novel by Sep 30. (
4. Polish my YA novel and query an agent by Dec 31.
5. Write a minute mystery (250 words) and submit to Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine by Feb 15.
6. Outline, research, and write a proposal for a non-fiction book by November 1.
7. Double my writing income by Dec 31. (This one is dependent on all of the above.)

And my word for the year is SIMPLIFY, which I hope to accomplish by eliminating clutter.

Sean McLachlan said...

Those sound like some great goals. YA is really hot now, so I bet you'll see that project come to fruition. I'm not much of a mystery reader but I've heard Ellery Queen is one of the best markets. It's always good to aim high! Tell me more about the nonfiction book when you get a chance.

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