Thursday, 8 October 2009

American Civil War Guerrilla Tactics out now!

My latest book, American Civil War Guerrilla Tactics, is now available from Osprey Publishing. I recently got my author's copies and they look great. Osprey is a very professional outfit and everyone on the team--the artist, the layout people, editors and copyeditors--all do their job very well and really care about what they do. It's no wonder I signed up to do another book with them!

This book covers the other Civil War, the one fought by desperate bands of guerrillas and partisan rangers, both Union and Confederate, against the standing armies of the other side. I delve into the tactics and weaponry of these unconventional fighters and what effect they had on the war. The bushwhackers and Jayhawkers of the Border Wars get a lot of coverage, of course!

This is my first book concentrating specifically on the Civil War, but it won't be my last, so help me get established in the subject by buying lots of copies! Reviews would be nice too. :-)


Al said...

I have bought a number Osprey books before and have been generally impressed.
Your book looks interesting, but I can't promise to rush out and buy it (sorry). I love military history but mainly focus on WWII.
Good luck with it!

Al said...

Damn I'll try again.
Looks like an interesting book.
I have bought many Ospreys before and found most very good.
I love military history, but mainly focus on WWII.

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