Saturday, 13 November 2010

Good advice for writers

A while back I interviewed fellow midlist author Kathryn Meyer Griffith, who gave some insights into her 25+ years of work in the business. Now she's given another interview over at Dasef Central, a fun blog I'd never stumbled upon before. There are so many it's easy to miss the good ones!

Check out this interview for some great writing advice from someone who has been at it longer than many aspiring writers have been alive. Like me, she doesn't gloss over the bad stuff. For example, "I’ve had publishers go bankrupt. . .in the middle of my book editing, had a book pulled (after the final proofing, cover done) six weeks away from going to the bookshelves, agent dumping me, long stretches – 9 years once – when I couldn’t get anything published anywhere and a hundred other fears. Awful covers, awful editors. Cruel reviews. On and on. Too many to list here. Never writer’s block, though. So now nothing scares me….much."

Ouch! Been there, survived that. I like the comment about writer's block. I don't get writer's block either. So head on over to Dasef Central and check out what it's really like to be an author, and then come on back here for more midlist grumbling. We love our job, really!

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