Monday, 3 January 2011

Getting back into gear with the new year

Hi everyone! I'm back after a ten-day blogging hiatus. After finishing up my book on the Adowa campaign for Osprey Publishing my energy pretty much tanked, as I described on this blog during a similar post-book slump. Now I'm kicking back, spending lots of time with my family, watching movies, and reading books that have nothing to do with my research.

I haven't completely crashed, however. Besides organizing my first solo photo exhibition (more on that tomorrow) I've been blogging for Gadling as usual. Well, considerably less than usual, but I'm still blogging. My wife's Christmas present to me was a four-day trip to Extremadura, Spain's southwestern region. We stayed at a lovely Parador in Mérida, saw the historic sites, and ate heaps of good food. I've started a series on it for Gadling called Exploring Extremadura: Spain's Historic Southwest. Check out the link for articles on this wonderful region's Roman and Moorish ruins, beautiful villages, and tasty cuisine.

And expect lots more from the Midlist Writer blog in 2011! I'm branching out to include more author interviews and book reviews, to give my readers insights into the lives of midlist authors other than yours truly. Hope you come along for the ride!

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