Friday, 25 February 2011

Leaving for Ethiopia tomorrow!

Hi everyone! I'm leaving for Ethiopia tomorrow for a two-month stay in the walled medieval city of Harar. I'll be working on a travel series for Gadling and an adventure travel book proposal.

I was originally supposed to leave last Sunday but I was flying Egyptair. With a layover in Cairo. Needless to say my flight was canceled! They gave me a full refund but I still had to scramble to find another flight. Luckily I found a Turkish Airlines flight that was only a bit more expensive.

Once the first post in my series is up on Gadling I'll be sure to mention it here. I'll also try to post some photos and thoughts now and then and I have at least one guest blogger. Inevitably, though, this blog will be a bit less regular until my return. In the meantime, you can follow my adventures via my Gadling feed. Feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed; upping the numbers makes my editor happy.

This is a photo I took on my last visit to Harar. It shows one of the more than 300 saint's tombs in the city. I like how that tree has grown all around it.

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