Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My best travel writing on Gadling in January

Here we are in February already! The year's started off busy for me, with a deadline looming for my next book, a trip to Ethiopia coming up, and a lot of blogging for Gadling in the first month of 2011.

At the beginning of the year I was finishing up my series on Extremadura, Spain, where my family and I went for the holidays in December, including a fun article on the castles of Extremadura. I'm a big fan of castles! I also did a few articles on Egypt, including the stunning news that the government is closing Tutankhamun's tomb in order to save it from deterioration. The following week they reversed their decision and said they won't be closing it in the near future but it's still in the cards. Egypt also demanded that New York take care of Cleopatra's Needle of give it back. Egypt was again in the news when some rioters broke into the National Museum and destroyed two mummies.

I also did some opinion pieces, one on why travel writers need to stop stereotyping Africa, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and how I feel about the burqa.

Perhaps my most popular post, and certainly the one that generated the most controversy, was on about a hotel that got fined for refusing a gay couple a room.

In all I did 40 posts. Not bad for a month where I didn't go anywhere!

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