Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Settling down in Ethiopia

Hello from Harar, Ethiopia! This blog has been a bit silent lately because I’ve been in the Horn of Africa. The Internet in Ethiopia can be a bit slow and unpredictable.
Just like my last Ethiopia trip, I’m having a great time. I just rented a room in a traditional home in Harar’s medieval Old City and am writing an Ethiopia travel series for Gadling. I’m also working on a book proposal. In other Ethiopia news, Osprey Publishing published a blog post I did on researching the Armies of the Adowa Campaign book in the northern Tigray region. Less adventurous but no less fun was the research I did in Rome. See you soon!


irishoma said...

Hi Sean,
Glad to read you made it safely to Ethiopia.
Donna V.

Crystal Payton said...

Hey Sean - Congratulations on yet another Missouri book! Last November you were working on it at the State Historical Society in Columbia. Our Osage River book is getting bigger and we're finding an audience for "On the Mission in Missouri". Did you have a chance to look it over? Looking forward to your posts from Ethiopia...


Dianna Graveman said...

Wow--you seem worlds away, but then again, I guess you are! Saw from another of your comments that you were working on a project at the state historical society in Columbia. My first cousin worked there but recently lost his position due to cut-backs. I'll have to ask him if you are acquainted! Safe travels!

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