Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Post-Apocalyptic A to Z: Mutants

Who doesn't like a mutant? Post-apocalyptic literature is filled with them. They stem from the early days of the atomic bomb when people feared that radiation would lead to all sorts of strange critters running around. Now we know that radiation mostly just gives people cancer or horrible birth defects, so the old idea of a mutant is something from a more "innocent" time.

Mutants are a staple of science fiction gaming too, as I discussed in my post about the classic RPG Gamma World. There are plenty of movie mutants too, like from the 1993 Spanish film Accion Mutante. This dark comedy is set in a grim future ruled by attractive people. A resistance group of ugly mutants called Accion Mutante ("Mutant Action") goes on a rampage, culminating in the kidnapping of the daughter of a wealthy businessman at her wedding after slaughtering the entire party.

The mutants flee in their spaceship and get into all sorts of adventures, with the head mutant and the rich girl falling in love (sort of). It's a weird, fun little film that's been given English subtitles, so track it down if you can.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The bomb's effects will only kill you.
Now mutants make me think of X-Men.

Stepheny Houghtllin said...

Stopping by on the 17th day of the #challenge. Looks like you are having fun. If you have time or interest, I'm writing about gardening and related topics this month. Bring you mutants friends along and visit.

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