Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Busy writing Trench Raiders

I have two books with beta readers at the moment, the sequels to Radio Hope and A Fine Likeness. To keep busy, I'm working on my next book, Trench Raiders. This is the first in a series of World War One action novels that follow the men of the British Expeditionary Force as they try to survive the Western Front.

Book One is set at the Battle of the Aisne in September and October of 1914. This is where both sides first got bogged down in trench warfare, and where our heroes start experimenting with ways to break the deadlock.

As with all my historical fiction, I've been doing lots of research. Did motorcycles in 1914 have chrome plating? What kind of trees grow on chalky soil? Do you capitalize "frog" when referring to the French?

Of course my characters have been pulling plenty of surprises on me. One of the more sympathetic characters has become considerably less so, and someone came out of the blue halfway through the novel and became a major character. Heck, he might even survive the war!

So anyway, I'm having a fun time with this project. I'm also blogging about World War One over at the Black Gate blog.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

So you've basically got three manuscripts going? I am in awe...

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