Before becoming a writer, I earned a MA in archaeology and spent a total of ten years working on excavations and in labs. I still write about archaeology, especially for Gadling. Here are some of my favorite posts.

Ancient Egypt

Mummies of the World Exhibition. Awesome photos.
Ancient Faces: The Fayum Mummy Portraits. Ditto.
The temple of Sobek. My favorite Egyptian deity--the crocodile god!
More Egyptian Pyramids open to the Public. Yipee!

Ancient Rome

Gladiator killed by referee error. A strange tale from the past.
Crucifixion nails found in Israel? Probably not. Deflating some archaeological hype.
Caligula's tomb found? Probably not. Ditto.
Roman child's footprints found in England. Eerie and touching
Socks with sandals? Blame the Romans. Were there no fashion police in ancient times?

Megaliths and European Prehistory

Prehistoric balls may have built Stonehenge. Immature title, fascinating subject.
Five Stunning Stone Circles (besides Stonehenge). There are about a thousand in the British Isles!
Hiking England's Oldest Road. The Ridgeway Trail.
Avebury: More Awesome than Stonehenge. But I do like Stonehenge, really!
A Legendary Stone Circle in England. The Rollright Stones.


The best way to drink from a human skull. Is there any bad way?
Five great places to see Native American rock art. Find memories of living in Arizona
New Age Archaeology is Rooted in Racism. The unpleasant truth behind all that twinkle crap.
The Mystery of "America's Stonehenge". I was charmed by not convinced.

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