Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The Waiting Game

I just sent off my second novel to that publisher. They rejected my first one, but I think this one is more commercially viable. We shall see.

Well, we shall see later. Much later. It will be months before I hear. Such is the nature of publishing. This is a senior editor I'm dealing with, so she has to focus most of her time on contracted authors as opposed to wannabes, but at least she's someone with decision-making powers.

In the meantime I'll write my third novel. And the fourth is germinating in my head. Dedicated writers don't sit back and wait for a reply; they keep on working.


sctshep said...

Good for your persistence. You don't just talk it. You do it. Good luck on the novel. I've had some self help non-fiction published but I can't imagine doing what you are doing with fiction. All that work and maybe getting nothing. To keep coming back is heroic (or maybe stupid). Nah let's stick with heroic. I'm kidding. There is no doubt that it is heroic. My best to you

Sean McLachlan said...

Oh, I do get something from writing my fiction. I get to write my fiction. I'd do it even if I never got published. Of course, a few more years of this and I might get so stressed that I'll be impossible to live with, but I'll still write my fiction. :-)

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