Thursday, 6 March 2008

Yet another writing blog. . .with a difference

Hello! A week after my entry into the blogosphere with Grizzled Old Traveler, my travel writing blog, I've started this, my second blog. So why two blogs? Well, one is dedicated to my love of travel, and this one is dedicated to my love of writing.

I can practically hear the screams in cyberspace. "Not another writing blog"! Yes, there are plenty already, but there aren't many (perhaps only a few million) that chronicle the trials and tribulations of a midlist writer struggling his way through a career of inadequate advances, late payments, and not enough reliable work. Yes, it's the glamorous life of the vast majority of professional writers, those whose names are unknown but who get published on a regular basis. It's a living, if you call this living.

Besides talking about what life is like on the midlists, I'll be sharing my thoughts on craft and inspiration, interviewing fellow midlisters, and answering any questions fired my way. I'll leave the market listings to others, since there are plenty who are already doing that.

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