Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Leaving the laptop behind

I'm headed to Ethiopia next week for a two-month trip. Hopefully I'll also be visiting the unrecognized state of Somaliland. That's their flag to the right. Somaliland is the northern third of Somalia. It's been independent since 1991 and is safe enough to visit with appropriate planning and caution.

I was planning to bring along an old laptop my boss at Gadling gave me. It needed a battery, though, so I took it to a local computer store that specializes in retooling old computers. They told me it would take three to four weeks to get one! I'm certainly not going to bring my new laptop along with me so now I guess I'll just have to do without a computer for two months.

The practical side of me is moaning. The writer side of me is celebrating. Freedom from the tyranny of the keyboard! A return to the intimacy and focus of paper! Salvation for the retinas!

Of course I'll be going to Internet cafes fairly often to upload articles and photos for Gadling, but the vast majority of my writing (and there will be lots of writing to do as I explore these old and fascinating lands) will be done with the time-honored method of pen on paper.

Another thing to look forward to.

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