Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Yours truly gets interviewed

It's been a crazy few days for this midlist writer. I'm up in Oxford now researching my next few projects. Because of this I'm late telling you that I got interviewed over at Molly's Musings, a fun writing blog. I talk about my latest fiction release, travel, my writing career, and writing habits. So if you want to know a bit more about this midlist author, check it out.

Oh, and I like conducting interviews too. So if you are a professionally published author or freelance writer, drop me a line.


irishoma said...

Hi Sean,
If you would like to be interviewed on my blog, please let me know. I'm certain my readers could learn a lot from you.

Angela Sigle said...

Another midlist history author you might want to interview is Victor Winstorne: winstone@winscribe.co.uk

Looking for more from Sean McLachlan? He also hangs out on the Civil War Horror blog, where he focuses on Civil War and Wild West history.

You can also find him on his Twitter feed and Facebook page.