Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Best travel stories on Gadling in September

Well, this is actually a listing of my best travel stories on Gadling. The other bloggers put up a ton of great content in September, so before I review my own work of this past month, I'd like to give a big shout out to Andrew Evans and his amazing series on travel in Greenland. Check it out because it blows my own contributions out of the water. Greenland is one of the places I most want to visit, so I'm incredibly jealous that he's doing this series and not me.

Now back to yours truly. As usual, my Gadling posts reflect where I am in the world. At the start of September I was in Durham, a cathedral town in northern England. I also got to visit England's oldest Anglo-Saxon church. From England I went to Italy, where I wrote a series titled Vacation with the Dead: Exploring Rome's Sinister Side. I looked at saint's relics, tombs, catacombs, and Rome's obsession with death. My favorite of these sights was the weird and disturbing Purgatory Museum.

In addition to these features I did more than a dozen short news pieces. By far the most popular was a report on how some airport security were caught using full body scanners as porn. It had to happen sooner or later! More interesting to me was a piece I did on the discovery that a youth buried at Stonehenge came from the Mediterranean. Perhaps he's an ancestor of mine and the travel bug is genetic?

So there's my Gadling work for September in a nutshell. It's a fun job that keeps me writing daily. This was also the month that I passed 200,000 words blogging for them!

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Sioux said...

I enjoyed reading your piece on "What to Do in a Muslim Country During Ramadan," and the "Catacombs of Rome" piece. You inject enough breeziness/lightness to your articles, enabling everyone to relate to them. (Thanks for the link to the Greenland series as well. You're right; he's a marvelous writer.)

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