Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Ramping up my Twitter and Facebook feeds

As I mentioned in an earlier post about Getting More Into Twitter, I've been more active lately on my Twitter account. It's a great way to chitchat with people in my field. I keep in touch with my publishers, talk to other indie writers, and I've even had conversations with the British Museum and Fodors Travel! Being a writer can be a bit lonely, so it's nice to have these interactions, as long as they don't hurt your word count.

It's not without its frustrations, however. A lot of people don't interact on Twitter, they just blare out their advertisements for whatever they're hawking. Indie writers are especially guilty of this. They don't seem to realize that it's social media, not asocial marketing.

I'm also getting more serious about my public Facebook page and trying to post something original there most days. I'm still not sure what's the best way to go forward with FB, though.

Do you use these social media platforms? What works best for you?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I rarely send out Tweets about my own stuff, although I re-Tweet a lot of links and information from other writers. Some days, it's hard to find a conversation when the entire feed is all links and ads though.

Sean McLachlan said...

That's why I unfollow people who only do promo.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I have tried to do questions and just interesting reflections on Twitter but no takers.

FACEBOOK is visited by too many of my fellow workers and I try to keep my work separate from my writing so as to not bore my friends.

I have as yet come up with a successful method of social media.

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