Saturday, 5 July 2014

Blurb Version 2.0

I've done the final edits for Refugees from the Righteous Horde, sequel to Radio Hope and book two in my Toxic World post-apocalyptic series. Now I'm waiting for the cover art. In the meantime I've been fiddling with the blurb. I'd love to have your input!

When you only have one shot, you better aim true.
In a ravaged world, civilization’s last outpost is reeling after fighting off the fanatical warriors of the Righteous Horde. Sheriff Annette Cruz becomes New City’s long arm of vengeance as she sets off across the wildlands to take out the cult’s leader. All she has is a sniper’s rifle with one bullet and a former cultist with his own agenda.
Meanwhile, one of the cult’s escaped slaves makes a discovery that could tear New City apart. . .

Refugees from the Righteous Horde continues the Toxic World series started in Radio Hope, an ongoing narrative of humanity’s struggle to rebuild the world it ruined.


D.G. Hudson said...

Is the discovery of the secret concurrent with her looking for the leader? That adds extra suspense and tension, if so. Is it important that she 'takes out' the leader before the secret gets out? Now I'm intrigued. . .

If the answer to any of these is yes, then make that clear in the blurb. Otherwise, I like it!

ediFanoB said...

I read Radio Hope and The Scavenger and look forward to read Refugees from the Righteous Horde.

I read your blurb version 2.0 several times and so far I have nothing to add. For me it sounds good.
But maybe I#m a bit biased.
Therefore I asked the readers of my blog to support you with comments within my weekend post.

Sioux said...

I love the blurb, especially the first line. You might play around with changing the "you" in the first line to "you'd" although either one is fine.

I cannot wait. Hurry up. ;)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Maybe try DG's suggestion. Or something to give the second line a draw and some punch.

Sean McLachlan said...

Thanks everyone! ediFanoB: thanks for the shoutout!

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