Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Travel Tuesday: Winter in Tallinn, Estonia

Summer is heating up here in Madrid. It's already broken 40 degrees Centigrade on a few days. Everything is in bloom and the dominant colors are a bright blue sky, green trees, and harsh yellow sunlight.

So let's switch over to the whites and grays of winter. Winter in the capital of Estonia, to be precise. Tallinn is an artsy city, and what can be more artsy than two snow-covered lovers? It's also a historic city, so here's a shot of a medieval tower and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. I like how the snow keeps the pattern of the roof tiles on the cathedral.

People generally don't go to Estonia or any of the other Baltic states in winter, which is a shame because the mantle of snow beautifies the city and countryside and there are no crowds to contend with. So if you want a different sort of winter vacation, consider heading north!

All photos copyright Sean McLachlan

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Stunning photos. And there is something sexy about the statue of the lovers covered in snow.

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