Saturday, 22 August 2015

Enjoying an Oxford Summer

I'm nearing the end of my usual summer of research/writing/relaxing in Oxford. Weather-wise, this has been a nonsummer in the UK, with cool temperatures and way too many clouds. Like the English, we take advantage of any good weather we get and immediately head outdoors. This shot of the River Isis (the local name for the Thames) was taken on a walk to the medieval church of St. Margaret’s and its holy well. I also celebrated turning halfway to 92 with a medieval birthday cake. Click the links for the posts I wrote about this for Black Gate.

In writing news, I'm doing the final edits on We Had Flags, the third novel in my post-apocalyptic Toxic World series. It will come out in September. I'm also moving along in No Man's Land, the third in my Trench Raiders series.With all this bad weather, I've been doing more than my usual hiding in the Oxford University library researching and writing!

How has everyone else's summer been?


Sioux said...

Sean--Happy halfway-to-92 birthday. It looks like you had a rough summer--from the looks of your un-photoshopped picture. I hope you get to feeling (and looking) better soon. ;)

D.G. Hudson said...

I would love to be able to concentrate on writing, Sean, but we have sold one house, bought another place and moved. Not the most fun way to spend a summer. Yours sounds better! Good luck with the writing.

Karen Reese said...

Looking forward to reading book 3

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