Thursday, 25 August 2016

Blurb and cover help please!

Hey all! Getting ready to release my next novel, Warpath into Sonora, a Western from the Apache point of view. My brother-in-law has come up with a couple of covers. I prefer the one with the photo.  I was thinking of having the subtitle "An Apache Adventure". He left it out and I'm thinking I might leave it that way. What do you think?
Also, I could use some help with the blurb, because blurbs are hard!

Arizona 1846
Nantan, a young Apache warrior just into manhood, is building a name for himself by leading raids against Mexican ranches to impress his war chief, and the chief’s lovely daughter.
But there is one thing he and all other Apaches fear—a ruthless band of Mexican scalp hunters who slaughter entire villages.
Nantan and his friends have sworn to fight back, but they are young and inexperienced, and led by a war chief driven mad with a thirst for revenge. Can they track their tribe’s worst enemy into unknown territory and defeat them?


Elias McClellan said...

I LOVE the cover. Please excuse my ignorance is that front and back or options for front? If so, I like the 2nd better. It totally sells the drama, here. As a victim of Blood Meridian, this gives me chills.

Sean McLachlan said...

Both are options for the front. I might use a faded version for the back when I do a print version.

Sioux said...

I prefer the second one, the one without the photo. In my opinion, it's more visually striking, and makes me think...

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