Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Case of the Purloined Pyramid available for preorder!

My neo-pulp detective novel The Case of the Purloined Pyramid is now available for preorder. This recently won the Kindle Scout program and is being published by Kindle Press. Thanks to all of you who voted for it and you should have already received an email from Amazon on how to download your free copy. I'm in Cairo now working on the second in the Masked Man of Cairo series, The Case of the Shifting Sarcophagus. You can get the first book here. A blurb is below.

An ancient mystery. A modern murder.

Sir Augustus Wall, a horribly mutilated veteran of the Great War, has left Europe behind to open an antiquities shop in Cairo. But Europe’s troubles follow him as a priceless inscription is stolen and those who know its secrets start turning up dead. Teaming up with Egyptology expert Moustafa Ghani, and Faisal, an irritating street urchin he just can't shake, Sir Wall must unravel an ancient secret and face his own dark past.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Very cool, Sean! You've done well with Amazon's program.

Looking for more from Sean McLachlan? He also hangs out on the Civil War Horror blog, where he focuses on Civil War and Wild West history.

You can also find him on his Twitter feed and Facebook page.