Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Writing about Writing

I'm basking in that warm glow of seeing my name in print. That never quite wears off, no matter how long you're a writer. I have an article about breaking into the history market in the latest issue of The Writer. The latest issue of the Writing World newsletter also has a how-to article by me, on breaking into the guidebook market. The Writer is signing me up to do a feature and Writing World has already accepted another article and assigned me two more. . .all about writing.

I don't want to become one of those writers who only writes about writing, but once you get to a certain level it's really the easiest kind of article to pitch. You just have to spout off what you've learned about the business, and ask your professional contacts for some things you might not have thought of. These articles are quick and easy to do, and can pay well too.

For the rest of the week I think I'll focus on writing the things that first got me into this business--history and fiction. I'm deep into a book proposal on the Civil War and I've finally reached the halfway point on my horror novel. Who knows? If I get known as a Civil War historian or a horror writer, maybe I can write articles about how to write that stuff too. Arrgh, it never ends!

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