Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Free Writers Marketing Guide From Penguin

Penguin Publishing has recently made their author's online marketing guide available free on the web. It's pretty good, with lots of useful tips for getting your name out there. Some bits are a little basic (does anyone still need to be told what a domain name is?) but there's some good advice, like not adding long flash intros to your website. I always skip those. If I want to watch TV, I'll watch TV. Of course they cover blogging, telling people to blog at least once and preferably two or three times a week, and going into how the blog writing style is different than email or book prose. They caution would-be bloggers not to put something on their blog they wouldn't want in the New York Times. Good advice. I can't count the number of times I've read blogs where people are sounding off about their bosses or bragging about how wasted they got. Blogs are public, for Pete's sake! There are also some nice tips on getting third-party sites to work for you.

So check it out, it's a bit basic, but well worth the price.

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Scott Cheatham said...

Thanks for the link Sean. As an aspiring writer, I'm sure this will help!


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