Thursday, 9 October 2008

Writers Helping Writers

In my last post I mentioned I got a gig doing online updates for Night & Day Madrid by Pulse Guides. I heard about this job through friend and fellow writer Lawrence Schimel. He's also recommended a couple of agents who are now looking at two novels of mine.

Writers do well when they help other writers. I've never been able to return the favor (Lawrence is waaaay better connected than me) but I recommended a writer friend to a publisher of mine and she got book contract, and I've helped other friends break into magazines. I've gotten more than I've given, but I only started in 1999, so I'm still a beginner. Once I'm more established (yes, it takes a long time) I'll be in a better position to help.

I've met some writers who don't help anyone. That's just short sighted. First of all, there are so many markets out there, and so many books published every year, that we're rarely in direct competition. Second of all, what goes around, comes around. So if you can help out a fellow writer with a good word to the right editor, do so. We're all in this together.

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Minnette Meador said...

Hear, hear, Sean! Very well stated. I don't know what I'd do without the help of other authors. It's amazing what a tight bond we develop. You can't live in a vacuum...your head would explode! ~LOL~ Thanks to you for helping me, too. You're simply the best! M:)

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