Friday, 15 April 2011

Back from Ethiopia

Hello again!

Yes, I've been silent for two months, but I've had an excuse. I was living for two months in Harar in eastern Ethiopia and not only did I have to struggle with a dialup connection (remember those?) but it turns out the Ethiopian government censors Blogspot. Apparently too many dissident Ethiopian expats have blogs, and instead of trying to block each one they just block all of Blogspot! Strangely enough I can get onto Blogger and write posts, but since I couldn't see my end result I decided it wasn't worth the ages it took to load.

Anyway, I had a great time. I've started a series on Harar for Gadling and am working on a book proposal. More on that once it begins to take more shape. Today was my first full day back in Madrid and I spent it playing with my son. I won't have long here, though. On Monday we all head up to Oxford for the Easter break!

Now that I'm back I'll be keeping a more regular schedule with this blog, at least two and preferably three posts a week. So stayed tuned, friends, I haven't forgotten about you!


Conda V. Douglas said...

Welcome back! And as writer I hate any type of censorship--that's awful about Ethiopia!

A.J. Walker said...

Welcome back! I've been enjoying your Harar series.

Sioux said...

Sean---So the Ethiopian government is onto us bloggers? We're all so subversive in our posts! When I mention students, that's code for "protest rally." When I write of "hot flashes" in my postings, that's secret code for "gun runs."

I agree with Conda...I despise censorship in all forms, even if I vehemently disagree with the speaker/writer.

We're all glad you're back!

Crystal Payton said...

Hi Sean ... Glad to see you back. Like everyone else, I was wondering what happened ... Thought of you last week when the KC Star began its five-week series on the Transmississippi Civil War ... a special section with letters, maps, Quantrill, Sterling Price, timeline - 12 pages made for an interesting Sunday afternoon read.
So - what's your new project?

Midlist Writer said...

Hi Crystal!
Thanks for telling me about the series. Any of my readers out there interested in the Civil War should check out

As for my projects, I'm finishing up that travel series for Gadling and am about to start edits on my next Osprey book, titled Armies of the Adowa Campaign: Italian Disaster in Ethiopia 1896. I'm also working on a adventure travel book proposal about Harar and a couple of proposals for Osprey books.

irishoma said...

Hi Sean,
Glad to know you made it back safe and sound.
Donna V.

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