Friday 10 June 2022

I'm on Tiktok!

If you follow my Facebook page (you do, don't you?) you'll know I recently attended the 20booksto50k conference for indie writers here in Madrid. It was heaps of fun and I learned a ton. One of the things I picked up was that Tiktok is getting hot for writers right now.

"Tiktok?" I said. "Isn't that for thirteen-year-old girls?"

Not anymore! Writers have invaded under the hashtag Booktok and are staking a claim to the platform. So now I've started my own Tiktok account, where I'm posting short videos of my writing retreats in North Africa and samples of some of the vintage paperbacks and magazines in my collection. Feel free to follow me over there!

(Unless you're a thirteen-year-old girl. That would be weird)

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