Thursday, 20 March 2008

Post Book Slump

My energy always crashes after finishing a major project. After sending out that novel yesterday, I felt like I had just hiked ten miles. Today I couldn't get much original writing done. I know this happens, so I prepare for it. I don't have any deadlines until the end of the month, but I do have a fair amount of editing to do. Since editing takes up much less energy for me than writing does, I've been editing today. I finished my penultimate pass through a nonfiction book proposal about Confederate General Sterling Price's invasion of Missouri in 1864. I'm waiting for some critique comments from my writers group next week, then I'll rework it a final time and send it out.

I'm thinking this should be a good book. The Civil War is an evergreen topic with proven national sales potential, and Price's campaign is filled with great moments and characters, even Frank and Jesse James took part as rebel guerrillas!

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