Tuesday, 1 December 2009

My latest short story out from Damnation Books

My latest short story, a horror tale set in 1864 Denmark, is out now as an ebook from Damnation Books.

The title, "Dannevirke", takes its inspiration from the name of a Viking earthwork protecting Jutland from Germany. It was the first line of defense against German aggression for centuries, even seeing action as late as 1864 when the Prussians invaded. I used to live in Denmark and I've always been fascinated that such an old fortification should have been used so recently. And therein lies a tale. . .

It is the winter of 1864, and the Danish army prepares to defend their homeland against a Prussian onslaught by fortifying the Dannevirke, an old Viking earthwork on the border of Denmark and Prussia. A unit of militia—farmers and fishermen who have never fought a battle—dig in and prepare to face the elite Prussian army. The Danes think their position is hopeless until a strange old couple offer them a way to save themselves and their country. On the night of the gibbous moon they must dowse for a certain spot near the old Viking fort, and they must bring a prisoner and a blade.

If you've been following this blog, you know my focus is military history and I write a lot for Osprey Publishing. I guess it's not surprising that this has bled into my fiction writing. I'm currently working on a series of novels set in Civil War Missouri.

"Dannevirke" is on sale at a reduced introductory price. Normally selling for $2.50, it went on sale for free at the stroke of midnight Dec. 1, and goes up in price 25 cents with every sale until it reaches its cover price. So download it now and help fund my next trip!

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