Saturday, 9 November 2013

Images of Armenia

Soviet-style observatory. It looks like a science fiction cover from the 1970s!
Last month my better half presented a paper at an astronomy conference in Armenia. I was super jealous because it's a a country I've always wanted to visit. Located on the Silk Route, it was a powerful kingdom in various eras, punctuated by periods of foreign rule. Most recently it was a Soviet republic, and now is independent once again.

She was pretty busy being an astronomer so she didn't take as many photographs as she'd have liked to, but here are some of them. More to come!
The observatory with the sunset and moon in the background.

One night they were entertained by some traditional dancers.
Russian retro bus. . .

. . .with cool hood ornament.

All photos copyright Almudena Alonso-Herrero.


Sioux said...

Sean--Your wife is a scientist? Shudder. You DID go to the dark side. (Just kidding.)

It would be a fascinating part of the world to visit...

D.G. Hudson said...

Very nice photos, the better half takes nice shots. Would love to visit an observatory, but not in Russia.

I have heard other stories from a friend of ours who plays with the Boston Symphony.
Thanks for sharing, Sean!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

She may not have taken many photos, but the ones she did are impressive. I guess the hood ornament is someone leading the bear by the nose?

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