Saturday, 19 September 2015

Trench Raiders Book Three Finished!

My World War One novel No Man's Land is finished! Well, almost finished. I still have to do edits. Then I have to send it to my beta readers, get their feedback, chew it over, make any more corrections I want to make, get a cover, do layout, write the blurb, upload it to various retailers, and THEN it will be finished. At least the initial draft is done. I always find editing much easier than initial composition.

No Man's Land is the third full novel in my Trench Raiders series of WWI action novels and is slightly different in tone than the first two. While those were more over-the-top (pardon the pun) action, this one is more about sneaking around between the trenches at night, with our heroes playing a cat and mouse game with a German trench raiding party.

I'm glad I got this done now, because in less than two weeks I'm headed off to Tangier for a month-long writing project. Yep, it's another novel, but I don't want to talk much about it since it's still in the early stages. It will be set in contemporary Tangier, so staying there has obvious advantages. I also have to get a couple of freelance projects out of the way before I go. I always seem to be busiest before going on a trip!

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