Sunday, 4 May 2008

Books in Vending Machines!?

Snacks, water, soda and. . .books? I spotted this in the bus station in Madrid this weekend. A vending machine for books! Most of the titles are bestsellers, along with a kids book and the classic The Catcher in the Rye. I've never seen books in vending machines before. This sort of thing helps renew my faith in the human race. Well, sort of. There's still the whole warfare and environmental destruction thing, but hey, at least we have vending machines for books in the bus stations!

Madrid also has a lending library in the subway.


Minnette Meador said...

Interestingly enough, my publisher got really excited about these some time back...they run about $5000 per and I guess could pay for themselves over a short period of time. Question to you...did you actually see anyone using it? Just curious to see how well these are doing. Makes ya want to get some $ together and put it at the airport, doesn't it? Hmmmm.....

Sean McLachlan said...

I didn't stick around very long as I had a bus to catch. I didn't see anyone using it, but I didn't see anyone buying a soda or crisps either. It was strategically placed near the bus platform, so people who realized they didn't bring anything along to read could grab something at the last minute.

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