Friday, 4 July 2008

How to Read How to Write Books

I got the latest issue of the Writing World newsletter in my inbox today and was happy to see my latest article in there, titled "How to Read How to Write Books". With the deluge of books on the subject, especially ebooks, I figured it would be good to give readers a guide through the morass. I hope you enjoy it.

What? You're a writer and you don't subscribe to Writing World? It's a free monthly newsletter packed with good stuff, including fairly regular articles by yours truly. They have a great website too with hundreds of articles. I don't agree with every article on there, especially many of the ones on self-publishing. For more on that subject, see my previous post on the subject. It is one of the best writing websites out there, though.

I have several articles on the site, the most recent being on writing for state magazines. The article that just got published today won't make it to the archives for a while. I'll be getting a couple of more articles published by them in the fall.

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