Friday, 13 February 2009

Radio Interview

Sorry for not posting for more than a week, but I had a busy trip to England that started with getting diverted to Bornmouth for three hours, being practically snowed into our hotel in Oxford, and trying to travel around England in the slush while writing an article for British Heritage. Anyway, I got the article done, took some nice snowy shots of England that I'll post later on my other blog, and then spent a couple of spare days in London researching my next book proposal and enjoying the city's nightlife.

I finally had my interview on "John Brown's Mindset" on KTRS 550 AM St. Louis. I think it went well. Some fellow writers on the newsgroups gave me good advice about remembering to breathe, trying not to talk too fast, and preparing notes. I did remember to breathe, but I probably talked too fast, although not incomprehensibly so. My notes were of no use whatsoever. I pretty much forgot they were there. At least the two hosts didn't stump me with anything.

Actually, their questions were quite suprising. They asked me less about It Happened in Missouri than about my career. They seemed interested in my apparantly glamorous, jetsetting life as a writer, as well as my research techniques. Well, mostly I sit in front of a computer or book all day, so I'm not sure how glamorous that is, but they kept on about it. I do get to travel a lot, so hey, maybe I'm living a glamorous life after all!

I just wish the pay scale was a bit more glamorous. Ah well, you can't have everything.

Oh, and if you're interviewed, remember than ten minutes goes by way quicker than you think.

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