Monday 10 May 2010

Websites for Writers: The Internet Public Library

Welcome to Websites for Writers, where every Monday I feature a site that offers inspiration and/or reliable information for writers.

Last week we went a century into the past with Mostly Victorian. This week we're mixing traditional institutions with cutting-edge technology by featuring the Internet Public Library.

At this site you get what it says on the tin--everything you could possibly want from a good library is here, or linked from here. Online books, encyclopedias, and a massive list of links to international newspapers are all easily searchable. Looking for a database of Native American authors? They got one. A literary encyclopedia? Got that too. Info on copyright law? Check. If you're stumped, you can even ask a librarian. It's a massive hub of reliable information run by consortium of universities and a handy first stop for any writer needing to look something up.

Of course for the true bibliophile, there's nothing like a real library, where you can hold a 500 year-old book in your hands.

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Donna Volkenannt said...

Hi Sean,
Thanks for posting these links. Great idea and great resources. I'll check them out each Monday.

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