Friday, 15 August 2008

"Missouri: An Illustrated History" Out Now!!!

My latest book, "Missouri: An Illustrated History" is coming out from Hippocrene Books. It's a full history of the state from the prehistoric mammoth hunters to the modern day. I just received the author's copies and it's available for preorder on Amazon and will soon be available on Barnes and Noble. It should be coming to a bookstore near you by September. Well, at least if you live in Missouri.

This book was a long time coming, and is almost two years late. Changes of staff at the publisher, and their printer going out of business, delayed things for a long time. In fact, I signed up for and wrote two other books while waiting for this one to get published! A word of warning to aspiring authors: the struggle doesn't end after you hand in the manuscript.

I'm very happy with the final result, though. The cover is attractive, the layout is clean, and the photos are well reproduced. I even have a final part of an advance coming my way. I'd almost forgotten about that!

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