Friday, 10 October 2008

Blogging for PlanetEye about Madrid

I've just been hired to blog about Madrid for the top travel site PlanetEye after the current blogger, friend and fellow writer Abha Malpani, makes the mistake of her life and moves back to Dubai. (Aren't I a supportive friend?)

This is a perfect example of writers helping writers that I blogged about in my last post. I first pointed out the job announcement to her early this year, at a time when I was traveling and couldn't apply for the job myself. Now that she plans to leave, she told me to email the editor and mention her name.

Abha is the person who first got me into blogging. I'm glad I took her advice. In just a few months it's gotten me into an anthology, got me this job, and tons of new connections in the writing industry.

Between PlanetEye and my work for Pulse Guides, a significant portion of my income is now from work I'm doing entirely online. Times are changing.

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Abha said...

Congrats, Sean :-)Did I tell you I'm going to be their Dubai expert too? (gulp)

Hope to see you on Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, YouTube and Hulu soon.

(Only kidding :)Look fwd to breaky soon!

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