Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Finished my latest book!

If you're a regular reader of this blog you know I've been hard at work finishing up my book on the Adowa campaign for Osprey Publishing. I featured an Ethiopian lembd last Photo Friday as well as the book's new cover art, although I've been told that's only a placeholder image until talented Italian artist Raffaele Ruggeri finishes the color plates.

Anyway, the book is now finished. My deadline was yesterday (yes, a Monday) and so I worked all through the weekend, editing until midnight on Sunday before getting up early on Monday to give it a final look before heading to the DHL office.

Now it's out of my hands and I can chill out for a time. It's always a nice feeling to finish a book. After the holidays I'll have to rev up again. My next book deadline is in February!

[Image of Ras Mekonnen kicking some colonial butt at the Battle of Amba Alagi courtesy Wikimedia Commons]


Sioux Roslawski said...

What perfect timing. You can lean back for a week or so, before revving the engines up again...

irishoma said...

Congratulations, Sean.
That's a wonderful accomplishment.
Donna v.

lara dunston said...

Congratulations, Sean! I've popped it on my reading list for when Grantourismo is finished and we take a few months off to read and write. What's the next project?

Sean McLachlan said...

My next project is actually due in February. It's a book for Osprey's Raid series about Confederate General JO Shelby's 1863 raid in Missouri.
In late February I'm headed back to Harar, Ethiopia, for my next project. No publisher yet but it's something I'm going to be pushing hard this year.
I'll be living in this fascinating medieval walled city exploring its history and traditions and working on a book proposal. I don't have a focus yet, but that will come once I'm there. I was there for three weeks earlier this year and totally fell in love with it. This second trip will not be the last.

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